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Easy to Understand & remember

You will understand and remember ICSE Civics & History subject very easily. This is because QUICK TIPS alongwith Images(Flowchart) will create a better and long term impression. This is better than the usual texts. Remember - "Picture speak louder than 1000 word". Main Course Benefit.

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Increase self confidence

from the start itself, because of the way the Civics and History course is created, your confidence will increase many fold. Score full Marks easily. Very important purpose is the psychological advantage gained by a student in enhancing learning skills and thus in our context- course benefit .


Prepare for competetive Exams such as UPSC.

Do you want to prepare for competetive exams. Great! Start from here, your basic awareness in Civics & History will drastically improve and have strong foundation in not only answering any competitive exams.


Glossary of keywords

Spiral communication (repetition of important terms in the complete Course (MiteeCivics10). Since the keywords in form of glossary is repeated, you will very easily learn the definitions of these Keywords.



Our specially designed Civics & History ICSE Course is costing effective, considering the quality and value in content and the long term gains you will achieve, which is not quantifiable.


Self Learning enhancement skills

The Courses Civics & History is designed in such a way that you can study the course yourself. i.e. you will enhance your self learning skills. This will provide you the learning approach in a different way.

Our course is designed in a unique way, which helps you to find Answers of your Questions.


Expert Advice

Get expert advice from the creator of the course. The student can leave a comment at the end of the lesson and we shall contact you.



The student can learn the full course at his/her convenient time, since it is Self Study and Self Paced Course.

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Less Time consuming

Out teaching methodology is not very subjective and the students will not find the course time consuming and yet grasp everything and more.


Civics and History
We work hard to prepare every student in improving learning and pickup skills.

Our course offers a good stimulating learning experience between the regular teaching process and this method. Emphasis is placed on improving the learning skills and therefore ease in exams. 

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What students say?

Its easy to remember the subject matter. It’s different , nice and affordable. 

It's gud.

Jibin John


students were given text book to study ,they were not comfortable and then our course material was given to them they were relaxed because they were having answers of their questions related to civics



Ex-Students said ..if they would have had this material surely they would have scored good marks.



Very easy method to learn and retain too, scored full marks (100%) in History and Civics ICSE Class 10 Board Exams


Student - ICSE Board,Ludhiana

Being an ICSE student, it was too difficult for me to maintain a time-table which included all subjects. I easily did all the subjects but used to run away from SST, specially History/Civics. Then I met Mrs.Kamla Kashyap. It was really a miraculous stance for me. She gave me such valuable and useful guidance, that I overcame my SST phobia. She helped me to develop my interest in the subject. I want to express my gratitude towards MITEEMINDS and Kamla Mam, as she shared her knowledge and notes with me. It was due to her extraordinary ways that I scored 99% marks in Xth Board.


Student - ICSE Board, Ludhiana

It was good, very helpful and fantastic course to prepare for Board Exams. That is why I was able to score full marks. I really liked your efforts. Thanks for your help.

Suhani Mehta

Student - ICSE Board

Although I am a CBSE 10th student, i found this website to be to be very effective and useful. This website, in itself provides an easy to revise and learn platform. This website unlike others, does not miss facts and give blasphemous summaries in which important parts of the chapter is missed and provides to the point information related to a specific topic. Another great feature is that it is very unique and provides with an effective glossary feature, which one can check the exact definitions with just a click. I highly recommend this website for ICSE Civics students.


Student - CBSE Board, Chandigarh

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