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Short Answer Questions

Q1. Name the two types of authority in a federal setup in India?

Q2. What is the maximum strength of members of the Lok sabha

Q3. What is an Adjournment motion?


Central and State governments


It means a proposal to lay aside all other business and take up a “definite matter of urgent importance.”

How and where

federal setup
maximun strength

Structure Questions


How and where

Question : with reference to the composition of the Lok Sabha answer the following questions.

Q1. What is the maximum strength fixed by the constitution?

According to the constitution. Maximum Strength : 552 Elected
❶ State representation – not more than 530 members.
❷ Union Territories representation not more than 20 members
Nominated – Two members of Anglo India community by the President. The Prime Minster and the Council of Ministers on the Prime Minister’s advice.


Q2. What is the Term of the House?

TERM – 5 years. (according to constitution).
⇒ Can be dissolved before the expiry of normal term – by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister.
⇒ During Proclamation of an emergency – the period of the Lok Sabha may be extended by Parliament for One Year at a time.
New Lok Sabha should be elected within Six months after the National emergency is Lifted.


Q3. What are the Qualifications needed to contest for the Lok Sabha Seat?

Qualifications for Membership.
✱ Indian Citizen (compulsory to write but will not be taken as a point)
✱ Age at least 25 years.
✱ Name should be in the electoral rolls in some part of the country.
✱ Should not be insolvent i.e. should not be in debt and have ability to meet his financial commitments.
✱ Should not hold any office of profit under the government.
✱ Should not be proclaimed criminal.
✱ Should not be unsound mind.

Qualification of members

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