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Assignments Civics

Assignments Civics

Assignments Civics or practice questions section, has been created to practice answering the questions that are created for all the Lessons for 10th Std Civics (ICSE) by following our unique method of self-study and self exploring. We have deliberately not providing answers, since they are merely for practicing by yourself and also not meant to grade yourself.

Imp.Notes :-

1) Methodology – To find answers to the questions in the assignment sheets for example assignment-1, kindly follow the method as mentioned in – Main Features of our Course – Answers to Question in the Menu bar of Sample (Trial) Course – ICSE 10th Civics.
2) Answers to questions are found in Quick tips sections of each lesson and flow charts.
For Trial purposes you may open i.e. (click on) the Lesson 1. Quick Tips in the sample ICSE 10th Civics
3) To take full advantage of the features of the course, Student will have sign up as a PREMIUM member.

Chapter – 1. The Union Legislature

Self-Motivate or self assurance