Benefits to Students

Benefits to Students

Benefits to Students…Welcome to Miteeminds learning platform,  Let me inform you again that I have decades of experience in teaching Social Studies to schools in Mumbai, Haryana, New Delhi and Punjab. I have also been Head of Department of Social Studies, Chief Co-ordinator of various school activities, Vice Principal and Principal of School. 

It is only after this vast experience i have decided to share my knowledge, experiences with you, by bringing to you my learning platform. I am very confident you will enjoy this Self Study program of learning History and Civics of 10th Std (ICSE Board) by yourself. The Benefits to you are allready mentioned. In addition i would like to share more useful notes or remarks.

Students Benefits of Self Study through Miteeminds learning platform

  1. My sincere effort in offering you my updated quality material; will encourage your self-study skills to make History/Civics a fun-learning subject.
  2. To avoid last minute confusion from textbooks, the website can be very much handy and helpful, for this, chapters have been converted into quick tips covering the essential content.
  3. If you go through sample chapters, you’ll notice the headings are actually, questions that can be asked in the exam. For instance, State the Composition of the Lok Sabha, in Ch-1 Quick Tips- you will find answer, under Composition heading.
  4. The method used has been proved as an easy to learn and understand. In past, students have scored considerably good marks, most of them have scored full marks by following this method.
  5. The objective is to make this an interesting subject for you and provide a platform on which you can study in your own pace and should not miss out on anything important. Convenience and student’s understanding is given importance over anything. This method will help you to comprehend the content and answer questions easily. Invest less time and earn more benefit.
  6. Understand that History & Civics are very interesting subjects. But do not take it very lightly, like many students often say things such as; that it’s not interesting, it’s very easy, we will study last moment. Due to this attitude you will loose many valuable marks in your board examination and your aggregate score will reduce and so the merit score will also fall.
  7. If you enroll in our course, your confidence will increase and you can score full marks

Benefits to Students

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Taazdeep Kaur - ICSE Student

Very easy method to learn and retain too, scored full marks (100%) in History and Civics ICSE Class 10 Board Exams

Manima - Student

Being an ICSE student, it was too difficult for me to maintain a time-table which included all subjects. I easily did all the subjects but used to run away from SST, specially History/Civics. Then I met Mrs.Kamla Kashyap. It was really a miraculous stance for me. She gave me such valuable and useful guidance, that I overcame my SST phobia. She helped me to develop my interest in the subject. I want to express my gratitude towards MITEEMINDS and Kamla Mam, as she shared her knowledge and notes with me. It was due to her extraordinary ways that I scored 99% marks in Xth Board.


Shauraya - Student

Although I am a CBSE 10th student, i found this website to be to be very effective and useful. This website, in itself provides an easy to revise and learn platform. This website unlike others, does not miss facts and give blasphemous summaries in which important parts of the chapter is missed and provides to the point information related to a specific topic. Another great feature is that it is very unique and provides with an effective glossary feature, which one can check the exact definitions with just a click. I highly recommend this website for ICSE Civics students.

Students Learning platform for ICSE History and Civics brought to you by Miteeminds.

Self Study. Why?

Benefits to Students in long terms 

Students, for any further information, you may email me at [email protected]

Your well wisher & guide – Kamla Kashyap