Celebrate your child's achievements

Celebrate your child’s achievements

Celebrate your child’s achievements

We as parents should feel very proud of our child’s achievement. Whenever, the child is a winner or accomplishes top results in academics, sports or any other activity, the parents should celebrate. This celebration motivates the child in a postive way later.

Praise is better than blame. “I’ll celebrate my child’s successes” s a precious resolution for any parent. All of us gain more from our successes than from our failures. We build children on their strengths rather than on their weaknesses.

We can hard hope, of course, that youngsters will never restrained by us or otherwise thwarted. Yet mere restraints are futile. There must be ample outlets of satisfying activity that are approved by us. For every one thing we forbid, there should be scores and scores of things we allow and encourage. Otherwise, our children may grow irritable and resistant. We will know that our discipline has been effective when the child, after being punished or rebuked for a forbidden behaviour, turns happily to some approved activity. And the more approved things children do with pleasure, the less prone they are to do what is disapproved.


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