Simple Key to Self Confidence

Simple steps to Self Confidence

Simple steps to Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Simple steps to Self Confidence explains, anyone can re-design his/her personality by taking the best of himself/herself and making it better.

There are some, but important, keys to redesigning your personality. They are as follows:

Evaluate yourself

Every individual should be able to evaluate himself / herself continously about his/her positive & negative sides(i.e. strengths and weakness).

Assume that if someone is asked –
What are your strong points, all of a sudden. He is unable to pinpoint his strong points, because he is not used to thinking of himself in positive terms.

So, he should be Self Conscious also about positive side, as about negative side.

“Look deep inside yourself and find things you like.”

Things such as, are you imaginative, innovative, compassionate, patient?

standing in front off mirror

Acknowledging your good points raises your self- esteem right away.”

fingers fidgeting

Next, study people around you. Observing faults in others makes you more aware of your own and awareness is the first step in correcting oneself.


Fidgeting Fingers

Let’s say, you are in reception to meet someone senior, and you observe another attendee fidgeting his fingers and does this behaviour makes you nervous?

Introspect this odd behaviour and check for yourself, if you do this yourself? Or things such as Do I talk too much? Do I ramble or mumble?

If you think you have any of these irritating traits, take a note and write them down. This is the first step toward eliminating them.

It is also very important to know, how others see you. There’s a simple approach, suggestion is to place a mirror, when talking on landline, Mobile. This is basically for you to know, how do you look when you talk? Are your eye’s alive? Do you look sceptical? Are you sending out negative signals? In case you feel you are, then make attempt in changing them. This is “Seeing part”.

Mobile talk Mirror

On the Speech Part. Your speech modulation and are as important in self confidence. Maybe you may attempt by recording your mobile conversations and checking for any flaws, such as clarity, continuity, expressively speaking to involve others. Etc. Note them and correct them.

Make yourself interesting.

How can you make yourself interesting, besides your looks, is to converse and be able to talk to strangers as well without being shy. If you speak frail(wispy), then you are missing self confidence.

How to over ride this problem? One way is to read a lot and read daily on different subjects or topics. Read every day or night for about 30 minutes, only skimming news papers, magazines or even watching  TV of relevance currents news, events etc.. Reading more will provide you the necessary awareness and thus ability to speak topic of relevance at the correct time.

Start to enjoy outdoor activities such as drama’s and plays, window shopping, touring places, congregations, festivals etc. these activities provide lots of knowledge that is sharable.

Practice describing them of what you see and hear and how they appeal to you. Most important “Learn to Communicate your feelings,” by using “more imaginations, more words i.e. vocabulary, more colourful descriptions.

outdoor activity
Record Voice

First try recording your voice on mobile or voice recorder. Listen and check if it is understandable and interesting. Practise discussing with your friends, colleagues or even children.

For example, listening to the news daily before going out. The more you have filled yourself with, the more engaging you can be in starting a conversation and pleasant conversations are more appreciated and memorable.

looking ahead

Assume, you have to go to a party, check for the other invitee’s from your host, try finding what might interest these party members from your friends in advance and think about those questions that can involve them or draw them in talks. In such parties, you must be a good listener and respond at appropriate time i.e learn when and how much to respond. Very short answers makes the opposite person uncomfortable, they fell cut off. Remember Silence is gold, but at times Silence is also bad.

During conversations, maintaining eye contacts is very very important.

Assertive but pleasantly

self confident girl

Its very important to learn to politely, but assertively say no to friend’s pressure i.e nicely but firmly deny and smilingly for things that you choose in your best interests.

Being pleasantly assertive also means knowing how to criticize without tearing down. Begin by acknowledging a few good points, saying “  That’s a good idea, But thank you, some other time, I am on restrictive course”. This is not derogatory or offensive, if your peers forces for drinks for example.

confident girl1

In such a case, stress should be on voice, smooth and mellow tones can add warmth to personality. Listen to your recorded voice, when you practise and check for :

confident women

Is it Nasal ?
High nagging ?
Apathetic ?
Shrill ?
Whining ?

Do you speak in “chop-talk” phrases? The body is “Sound-sensitive,” and such unappealing verbal mannerism can turn your listener off.

Postures in such circumstances are straight and erect. Sitting tall and erect or standing straight, help one to look confident and alert.

confident man

Psychologically pumping yourself before any conversation, speech, requests are of prime importance in reflecting self confidence and maturity in your discussions.

Simple steps to Self Confidence


Simple steps to Self Confidence

Believe in yourself

Self teach yourself. i.e. Self Study


This ends our article – Harjinder Singh (Harry Singh)