Valuable Traits for Stronger Children

Valuable Traits for Stronger Children

Valuable Traits for Stronger Children

Valuable Traits to make your Children Stronger

Valuable Traits for Stronger Children

Valuable traits for Stronger Children; Some Attributes that are essential in today’s world by children to dominate the crises and  daily challenges. They are as mentioned below.


Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the primary or main trait, since children who believe in themselves and in their capacity to meet the challenges will be the crises coper of the future.

Self Confidence

So, encourage Self Confidence within your child.
Can Parents encourage self confidence in their children. Yes Of course.


Secret isYou must watch to see where your child innate skills or talents lie, then gently (don’t expect too much sooner) lead him/her or coax him or her in those areas. For example let’s say, if the father is an first class athlete, it would be difficult for him to understand and help his child, who would rather play Chess or Dance than sport. But Chess or Dance is what is required if confidence in child is to grow.

If the child does that one thing well, then that child will come to believe that he/she can do other things also well and your child will not be afraid to attempt them.

Once that attitude becomes ingrained, your child will be what the world needs most: 

a problem solver.


Nothing great can ever be achieved without enthusiasm (even, to achieve the smaller things, enthusiasm is still required). with children, it is not much difficult to cultivate this quality trait – most of them are born with it – as of protecting it. i.e. we need to as a parent need to ensure that this trait is protected. It isn’t easy, since Enthusiasm trait is fragile and can be easily damaged by contempt, ridicule or repeated failures.

At times, a small child’s enthusiasm may seem amusing to grown up. But LAUGHTER dampens enthusiasm. Let’s say, if your child is enthusiastically dancing and singing and he farts loudly, As elders or grownup, if we do not laugh then, this CAN-DO attitude will be too important for the child to carry dancing and singing later on. Or, let’s say, if your child watching TV Show, starts to imitate a character in a funny manner, avoid or encourage, but do not laugh. The child’s enthusiasm will grow and he will be achiever.

Valuable Traits to make your Children Stronger


Most children are exquisitely sensitive to pain or suffering in other living creatures. Every Parent is aware of this incident, who has had to console his child desolated by the death of a dog or a cat or a pet. This sensitivity can be preserved or can be blunted. If the climate of the home is one of sympathy and concern for others, if the child sees his parents making sacrifices for less fortunate people, then that capacity is strengthened.

Let’s say, that you tell your children that we would be visiting children at orphanage  during a festival period to celebrate the festival with them, who have never enjoyed any festival, and that your children are supposed to give present them gifts with sweets and dresses.

i am
boy girl expressing excitment

As parents, you give them the money to purchase the gifts and sweets. Feel the difference and the choices they make  in selecting and gift wrapping and finally offering these gifts to the orphanage children. You can clearly observe the unexpected pleasure their gifts would bring. In such families, we can be sure that glowing spark of compassion will never wear out.


Another example to enumerate compassion was my experience with my children.

Since, it was very easy and comfortable to unreasonable demand eateries and toys every now and then, like all children.

One’s during such of their demands, I decided suddenly, and told them that i would give each one 500 Bucks and that they can purchase anything that they would prefer at the Mall or Superstore. Also mentioning that they would be further rewarded, if they saved from this pocket money.

I was surprised and overwhelmed by their cautious approach to spending this pocket money I had given them.  They were compassionately very calculative and the priority on items being looked into were very little. The Compassion with which they were choosing and relegating irrelevant purchases were very much visible in them and at the end of the day. They managed to save about 80% of the 500 Bucks given to them. 



Respect? What’s this?
It’s almost out these days.
But this ought to be brought back.
Because, This subtle attitude or trait condition’s a person’s whole approach to life. The conviction that certain values are worthy of esteem and need to be preserved.

Many of our problems or troubles, if we think , can be ascribed to a lack of this quiet conviction.

What is crime but lack of respect for Law?
What is inferior workmanship but lack of respect for quality?
What is slanted news reporting, but the lack of respect for truth?

Can this sort of respect be nurtured in your child?

Certainly, it can, but not by pious hopes or wishful thinking, you have to demand it.

Demand what? Fair Play, for one thing, which is an elementary form of respect. May be it can begin with something as simple as sharing toys. It can continue through the story-telling stage, where such qualities as courage, loyalty and honour can be shown to be exciting and desirable to growing demands.


This slow implantation of values can continue, with parents always the prime example, until a self imposed code of conduct takes over, a code that whispers to the child, “You do thus and so because, this is what people who set high standards do”. When that point is reached, respect become self-respect.



The ability to cope with changes is certain to be crucial requirement in the year ahead. Those who cling rigidly to the status quo are the one’s most likely to be victims of future shock.

How do parents help child acquire this adaptability?

The best way is to encourage qualities that are antidotes to unstableness of mind or spirit. For example ‘WARM HEARTEDNESS.’

Parents can encourage it by applauding it and demonstrating it themselves through their closeness and affection. Children who receive a lot of love turn into adults who can give it. Love is biggest shock absorber of all.


Foster the lively trait of curiosity. Rigid people tend to be uninterested people; somehow they have given up being seekers of the why. Or the marvelous solvent of humour, especially the capacity occasionally to laugh at oneself.

According to psychiatrists, they are never called to treat anyone who had the gift of self-directed humour. And that this trait could be passed on, like a priceless heirloom, from one generation to another.



This attributes the world needs most. It’s the bravest quality of all, this ability to look past dark times to brighter one’s to believe that questions do have answers, that challenges can be met, that problems will be solved.

To, bring up hopeful children, a parent needs to be hopeful himself. Pessimism, fear and gloom are highly contagious; if a home is saturated with them, a child natural optimism can hardly survive. If, on the other hand , he is constantly taught that when there’s failure there’s always a next time, that when hard times come they can build character and endurance, this attitude in itself will make uncertainties seem less frightening and crises less critical.

Also, How can we teach our kids to be mentally tough. Read further..


adage that were spoken to build a character out of your child.

Valuable Traits to make your Children Stronger are as :

Self Confidence

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