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Quick Tips

History 10th ICSE

First War of Independence 1857 (part-a)

Causes of the first War of Independence. Political Causes, Socio-Religious Causes, Economic Causes (India’s Exploitation), Military Causes

History 10th ICSE

First War of Independence 1857 (part-b)

Economic Causes-The economic exploitation by British through different ways, Military Causes several reasons to deprive Indian soldiers.

History 10th ICSE

First War of Independence 1857 (part-c)

The events of the war,beginning of the uprising i.e. war of independence, Important events, Results and Consequences of The First War Of Independence, drawbacks.

History Flowcharts

History 10th ICSE

Growth of Nationalism & economic exploitation

Nationalism, factors, Role pf press & Indian Literature.

History 10th ICSE

The Indian National conference, 1883

Provincial organisation, model of Indian National Congress

History 10th ICSE

Precursor/forerunners of Indian National Congress

Political associations before & after, Landholders society

History 10th ICSE

Formation of Indian National Congress

Significant Event, A.O.Hume founder of INC

History 10th ICSE

East India Association, founded in 1866. Poona Sarvajanik

aimed, recommendations, problems, Khadhi movement

History 10th ICSE

Aims & Objectives of Indian National Congress

aimed, recommendations, problems, Khadhi movement

History 10th ICSE

The India Association , founded in 1876 Kolkata

Objectives, achievements, Sundrendranath Banerjee

History 10th ICSE

Yearly Congress Sessions from 1885 held in December

congress held its sessions in December every year

Classic video of 1st War of Independence.

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