Mission and Objective

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Our Mission and Objective is to offer excellent and unique learning method i.e. Self-Learning, so that the students are self motivated to study, understand, grasp and memorize ICSE Civics and History for class 10th. The student will find learning this subject enjoyable, interesting, self exploring.

This will also help the student self prepare for Board exams easily and with vigor without having to cram and only prepare at the last moment through sample question papers or previous solved question papers.


Our Long term Important Mission is to move into the UNITED NATIONS ” SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS”, – “GOAL 4” with the main objective of futuristics learning process, whereby every child who has vigour can learn irrespective of factors that inhibit the education.
That is …. the freedom to LEARN.

Your perfect course conceiver – Kamla Kashyap.

Mission and Objective
...Dreams coming true