Employment Opportunities in Biotech Industry in Singapore

With reference of the letter received from Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, New Delhi. Notification Dt 23 Feb 2023.

Singapore Government’s Deep Tech Investment agency (SG Innovate) has released an assessment report that predicts a severe shortage (of almost 30%) in the – availability of manpower for the biotech sector in Singapore. The assessment, forecasts that the number of biotech companies in Singapore will grow front 52 to 84 by 2032. with 36 being clinical-phase companies and 39 being pre-clinical phase companies. This shortage is predicted to be especially acute in R&D, production, regulatory affair’ s and business management.

While the talent gap remains a perennial issue for biotech companies globally. the demand for expertise in these areas presents an opportunity for researchers and academia to gain industry exposure, particularly to Indian Students.

You are therefore requested to create an awareness among students and teachers of     11th & 12th standards about the huge employment potential in this area so that students can consider career in Biotech too. A copy of the aforesaid document could be put up on the CISCE website and could also be circulated to all CISCE affiliated schools.