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Our Intro – We introduce ourselves as  a  group of professionals, with innovative proven ideas in providing e-teaching techniques in a unique way, so that the student is very confidentally prepared for the ICSE Board Examination.

Our purpose is to attempt to change the perception of learning a subject. Our course will empower you to learn your subject in a very different and enjoyable way. So, it is our best and honest attempt to provide you students, a unique method of learning and retaining the subject. And what’s more interesting is that by just reading, the student will get the answers to the questions he/she may have in mind.

You will find our course very inspiring and trustworthy and experience pedagogic learning.

Our Intro
Hello to you. Our Intro

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This is me - Kamla. Conceptualizer and creator of this non-traditional and novel approach i.e. through SELF - STUDY and what more - during free time at home.

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Inspiring Story

Why? The Reason.

Through experience, I would like to share the reason for me to start e-learning, obviously in the subject I mastered i.e. Civics & History and especially that of ICSE -Board.

– This is what I have heard all these years of teaching History & Civics from students, struggling to cram the names of Rulers and Locations, Acts and Writs and eventually elevating their tension regarding this interesting subject.Also mentioned, satirical as, ” Saare Saal Tension “.

Actually, Social Studies i.e. History and Civics are very interesting Subjects :- Why? Because, History tells us about the events that have taken place in the past years. Civics tell us  about the past and present both like what kind of administrative systems and concepts are mentioned in Constitution and how it is implemented.

But most of the students find it very difficult and thus not interesting. After an experience of more than 20 years in education, I have come across with numerous difficulties and problems faced by students.

So, to make History and Civics interesting subjects, I have come with different way to understand & memorize. All in one you will experience a UNIQUE Pedagogic learning.

Core Features in subject retention :

  • Tips – o – matics ( for simplicity and easy grasping, the entire course is created using essential TIPS).
  • Flow charts (Miteecharts). (Representation of subject matter through graphical flow charts. i.e. Visual images are easily retained and corelated to tips as per ICSE Syllabus.)
  • Spiral Learning i.e. Keywords throughout course through repetitiveness, benefit is that the keywords are then induced permanently.  (Glossary of keywords in the entire subject)
  • Chronological / Logical order of course TIPS and Flow chart and co-relating.
  • Most Important – Self paced, Non-Measurable and Self LEARNING.
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We will strive to provide excellent guidance from Kamla Kashyap, the ICSE Course creator .

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Achievement in a sense,   Satisfaction and gratitude because of everlasting happiness seen on each and every student. 

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We have commenced online (e-learning) Study Notes i.e. Guide in Social Studies-Civics (10th ICSE Board) which you will definitely enjoy.


Pedagogical learning

course designed with new teaching methodology for easier understanding, reducing stress and make the study even more interesting and easy to learn.

Features of Parliamentary Form of Government

Expert Teacher

New Learning skills, designed in a innovative way & after extensive research in student’s study psych and behaviour .

The Cabinet Composition and Appointments

Online Education

e-Learn at your ease and pace and also at your convenient time. Worth your every single penny.

Your Mentor

Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.

Kamla Kashyap

Kamla Kashyap

Educationist, Principal