Kamla Kashyap


Educationist, Student & Child Motivator, School Achiever (Winner – International School Competitions- 1st International Environment Olympiad, I-Plea 2013).

That’s me. Teaching brings me joy and happiness and so mentoring students is my primary goal. Seeing student’s achievements and glowing faces brings in inner satisfaction to me. I have been an achiever myself and work towards ensuring that my students achieve what I have achieved over my exemplary service of over 20 years. Having served as Vice-Principal & Principal of School (officiating).


Master of Arts (Pol.Science), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in (English and Social Studies), Bachelors of Arts, Certificate Course in School Organization: Administration & Management (University of Calicut, Kerala & CEC)

Why? The Reason.

I am a proud educationist and so through experience, i would like to share the reason for me to start e-learning. Actually, Social Studies i.e. History and Civics are very interesting Subjects :- Why? Because, History tells us about the (past) events that have taken place in the past years. Civics tell us  about the past and present both like what kind of administrative system and concepts are mentioned in Constitution and how it is implemented.

But most of the students find it very difficult and thus not interesting. After an experience of more than 20 years in education, I have come across with numerous difficulties and problems faced by students.

So, to make History and Civics interesting subjects, I have come with interesting way of learning. i.e. by just reading, the student will get the answers to the question that he/she may have. 

So, in a nutshell, All in one

  • Unique Pedagogic feature.

  • Tips – o – matics.

  • Keywords through repetitiveness. 

  • Flow charts (Miteecharts) & Video’s.

  • Chronological order.


                    Kamla. Your Mentor

School Principal
Educationist and Achiever