Unique Self Study Skills for your child ! Getting Admissions in senior classes or professional colleges is highly competitive, and so very high score in Xth board exams matters a lot. You as a parent would want to see and ensure that your child does get admissions of his or her choice.

As parents and as decision maker of your child’s future, you would naturally be very concerned about his/her studies. That your child  score’s very high percentage.

The final total marks is very crucial in further admissions, because competition is very severe & that your child could miss out by few marks.

The reasons are many from  lesser attention, taking very lightly, unimportant subject, or even thinking that it is  very easy.

This easy behaviour / attitude could miss out of valuable marks which were important if the final total aggregate marks were considered for MERIT scores or for further admissions.

Best Platform for your child's self growth

More important, besides the Craming (Rattabazi), if your child is provided with an opportunity where he can score 100% marks and also enjoy self-learning. What more would you desire. Because then, your child has created a self interest in getting more knowledge and through self effort. Sooner, you will realize that self learning, as a habit, is more interested in gaining extra knowledge not only in History and Civics but also other subjects.

Most Important is approach to Studying and Learning.

Unique Self Study Skills for your child

Here, Miteeminds come’s in. Welcome to Miteeminds Learning Solutions, wherein; we actually provide you the platform for self growth. i.e. Self Learning or also what we may call – Self Exploring.

At a Nominal cost, you are changing your child thinking behaviour, because your child will simply enjoy reading more than the traditional way. And your child will also start to think and learn in a different way for other subjects as well. Through intelligent sources and at his/her leisure time.

Isn’t it great and more gratifying to you when you see this change. Enroll your child for our program for the 10th Std ICSE History and Civics and see how your child changing his learning habits.

We Metamorphize your child.
Creator of learning concept – Kamla K